Health, Safety, and Environment: A culture we never compromise

Sentinel is a Digital platform to manage Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Culture in Contractor Services, Site/Building management, Events, Manufacturing, Mining, and Energies. Sentinel is made to assist agile HSE implementation; driving team culture without extra cognitive burden and repetitive works.


Your trusted brands who trusted us:

The first ever Para-sports event with registration, logistical and participants is digitally managed from single window.

Multi-tenant, multi-site Digital HSE made for scale.

Digital HSE leveraging UHF RFID and QR code technology

Identification, Licensing, Health, Safety, and Environment suite.

Manage, Declutter, and React Digitally

Global higher executive in operations, health and safety are challenged to keep improving safety on a growing environment while manpower and financial power are fewer. Until today, huge operations, especially in energy and resources, crept by the inability to act on a critical decision quickly [before some of them happened].

Since 2015, analytics is our buzzword in critical decisions; however, technological barriers, implementation quality as well as governance of best practice is a huge barrier. 2020 imperative pushes companies to go beyond traditional HSE.

Monitoring, leading, analytics should be our next stop to fully understand true operational risks or the insights to improve performance.


Manage and Monitor all safety activities

License & Permit


Incident Report

Hazard Report



Fit-to-work Forms

Safety Meeting

Digital Fit-to-work Forms & Attendance Manager

Instead of filling a paper attendance, each worker will be notified a day before with a fit-to-work form

End-to-end Safety activity management

All-digital entry points enable reporting, follow-up actions, and analytics may happen in single platform

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Health, Safety, and Environment