BIT: Solution Driven
Tech Team

BIT started off as a garage operation around 2014. From a group of freelancers nailing projects together, we have evolved into a team of 78, ready to disrupt the supply chain process, health & safety executives and digital financial services. We deliver excellence for clients of various sectors i.e.: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, MREs (Mining, Resources, Energy), and FSI (Financial Services Industries).

We have helped clients saving millions of dollars by creating a more time-efficient concept on process management that rarely concerned by most Enterprise Software.

How do we define our purpose?

Driven individuals: thinkers and engineers. Our core is IT development specialised in Software Development, System Integration and Automation. We have solid experienced handling ISO/IEC 27k1 compliant institutions in Agile development framework.

We’re a group of thinkers, designers, writers and engineers who take product and marketing ideas from zero to one and beyond. What makes us different is our experience in the tech space, results-driven approach and uncompromising creative process.

Key insights:

What we do:

Focus Solution Expertise

  1. Core CRM, Inbound Marketing, or Leads Management Solutions
  2. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management Suite
  3. Vessel/Cargo Tracking & Schedule Optimization System

Select Technologies

  1. Data Streaming Technologies (Kafka, Flink)
  2. Hybrid Application Development (Angular, ReactNative)
  3. Data Analytics (Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, or Data Lake)
  4. Vessel and Supply Tracking Technologies (AIS, VSAT, or GPS)

Industry Engagement

  1. Financial Services, Fintech, and/or Banking
  2. Mining, Quarrying, and Resources Companies or Contractor/Operator
  3. Agriculture
  4. Oil & Gas
  5. Supply Chain & Logictics


Health, Safety, and Environment