Sentinel aims to democratize safety

Safety standard is improving over time, however, there are still gap as huge as as six times among companies (McKinsey, 2018). We believe that safety should be accessible to everyone; not to be determined by superficial factors (e.g.: operation size, corporate revenue, even birth lottery). We aim to democratize safety!

Digital Imperative in Health, Safety and Environment

Global higher executive in operations, health and safety are challenged to keep improving safety on a growing environment while manpower and financial power are fewer. Until today, huge operations, especially in energy and resources, crept by the inability to act on a critical decision quickly [before some of them happened].

Since 2015, analytics is our buzzword in critical decisions; however, technological barriers, implementation quality as well as governance of best practice is a huge barrier. 2020 imperative pushes companies to go beyond traditional HSE.

Monitoring, leading, analytics should be our next stop to fully understand true operational risks or the insights to improve performance.

Source: Campbell Institute; Transforming EHS performance measurement through leading indicators—Executive Summary; National Safety Council—2013

The future of safety: Our Vision

Tracking & Analytics

Directly track issues and inspection. Focus on necessary things and check all the task lists. Sentinel is made to integrate, not only to operations, but also built for analytics.

Offiline-first Mobile

Our App is made with mobile in mind. Get rid of tedious entry job from operations and focus on resolving issues. Mobile app made to function, even in the place with high-latency and low bandwidth.

IoT and Edge Intelligence

Directly detect safety issues using Internet of things; and each of them equipped with AI capabilities. Think of a smart monitoring system that attaches to each vehicles to ensure safety. The workers will be equipped with IoT, helping the safety personnel prevent hazard and unauthorized access.


Wearable tech are more affordable, we’re looking at possibility in track health data to ensure safety.

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Health, Safety, and Environment